Mithe Espelt Enameled Ceramic Floral Mirror Circa 1960

Mithé Espelt (1923 2020) French Ceramist 

Pretty Flower Ceramic Mirror with 3 variants of Brown. Black Iron Rod and unfortunately only 1 Leaf. Green Felt on the back. Unsigned like all of the artist's mirrors.

Measures : Diameter 16 cm x H 28 cm X 1,5 cm

Colors : 3 variants of Brown - Green

Matière: Enameled Cereamic 

Etat:  Very good used condition. Beautiful brilliance of the email. Dark brown is matte. No fele. A white dot at noon in dark brown. Blurred mirror except in its center. missing a leaf. Leaf present non-solidary therefore to be refixed if necessary..

1,200.00 €
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